Awesome Minecraft Trick!

In only fifteen minutes, I found:
One enchanted flame resistance book, 11 lapis lazuli, iron boots, 3 apples, 17 redstone, 26 bones, 28 rotten flesh, 28 pumpkin seeds, 38 melon seeds, 8 minecart rails, an iron pickaxe,27 gold, 48 iron, 51 bread, 39 coal, and 5 DIAMONDS!!!!!
This is one of the fastest ways to find tons of loot. Plus, it’s also a super fast way to find strongholds! I found this one in only five minutes!

The trick? (it only works on PC edition)Create a new world. Make it superflat, and use the desert preset. Then, delete the sandstone and stone layers. The sand will all fall, leaving strongholds and mineshafts exposed.


Thoughts? Comments? Great! Bring 'em on!

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