The Book Hugger Blog Hop

Chloe, formerly at Free as a Girl With Wings, is holding a blog hop and launch party to celebrate going self hosted! Her new blog theme is super gorgeous, and the blog itself is just as awesome as ever, so you should definitely be sure to check it out!


Click the photo to visit Chloe’s new site!

Anyway, without further ado, here are the blog hop questions! Be sure to participate, since it’s a lot of fun.


1. Have you ever hugged a book?

Yes, actually. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, right after I finished. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- geeky romances and/or coming of age stories are my kryptonite.

2. Have you ever thrown a book?

Nah. I’m not really all that prone to impulsive acts of violence. If a book makes me mad, then I just start another book and/or write a negative review of it.

3. Most adorable book?

I honestly don’t read a lot of fluffy books. I’m not entirely sure why? I like them, or the ones that I’ve read, anyway. I guess I’ll go with Fangirl again.


4. Least adorable book…?

Hild, for several reasons. Partially because it goes on and on for ever and nothing happens and there’s no resolution or closure. Partially because the main character falls in love with her half brother and ends up marrying him. Ew.



I mean, that was still kind of normal in the time period it was set in, but… still. No thank you.

Moving on.

5. Five fictional crushes.

Milo from Ultraviolet is probably my biggest fictional crush- he’s cute, sweet, understanding, not pushy, supportive, and generally perfect. Also, not nearly as stalker-ish as seems to be the norm in YA, which is always a plus. Captain Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles is also quite crush-worthy (cliche, I know). Pre-vampire Simon from The Mortal Instruments was pretty cute. I mean, he was still cute afterwards, but in a really different way. I also had a pretty brief crush on Percy from the Percy Jackson books and Adam from The Raven Boys.

6. OTP

…Really? You’re really asking me that? But… how am I supposed to choose? THERE ARE SO MANY.

*sigh* I guess I’ll go with Kate Bishop and America Chavez from the Young Avengers comics (even though it’s only kinda-sorta canon). Sassy, butt kicking superhero girls? Yes please.


7. Go to the camera roll on your phone or computer or tablet or whatever. Scroll through fifteen times and upload the image you land on. [If it has you in it, crop yourself out or choose another one.]

Because I’m a teensy bit OCD, everything saved on my computer is sorted into folders, so I went with my “Random Pics” one, since it has the most eclectic mix.


I think I had this saved to use for a folder I was decorating? Or maybe a computer wallpaper. I don’t quite remember. Anyway, Frank Iero (pronounced eye-ear-oh, I think?) used to play guitar and do backup vocals for My Chemical Romance before their breakup. He’s reeeeally short, reeeeally energetic, and reeeeally loves dogs.

Just a bit of background knowledge.

8. Come up with words that start with each letter of your name and display below. The crazier the better!

Using the pen name that I use on this blog (Bridget) because I’m too paranoid to use my real name. (Also, I’m really bad at acrostic poems. Just a warning.)

Barking red icy dogs go eat tamales.

9. Is there a book in which the MC has your name? What book?

I was actually named after the main character of a book that my mom really liked, but because of my aforementioned paranoid-ness, I’m not going to give you a title.




Again, don’t forget to join in on the blog hop and congratulate Chloe on her switch to going self hosted!


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