Meet the Characters of Show Me a Hero

I haven’t been doing nearly as much work lately on Show Me a Hero as I’d like to, but in my defense, I’m really busy. But then I had an idea- why not introduce you to the characters? It would give me an opportunity to a little bit of character development, and you guys can learn a bit more about the story!

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Protagonists

Show Me a Hero is an ensemble novel- there are multiple main characters.

SloaneSloane Brooks

(Was named Melanie in earlier versions of the story, and later Araceli, before I settled on Sloane)

Ada’s girlfriend, unregistered* superhero

Age: 16

Power: Feathered wings, as the result of scientific experimentation. The wings come with several side effects as well. Most notably a highly enhanced metabolism- Sloane must eat lots of food very frequently to stay healthy, and still remains very, very slender. She also has very fragile bones that can be broken quite easily.

True to her powers, Sloane has a very flighty and indecisive personality. She hates to be tied down, but also finds the validation of others very important. While she puts on a gruff, overconfident persona around people she doesn’t know well, she’s actually quite fragile (both physically and mentally) and is very dependent on what other people think of her. She’s also a bit claustrophobic- the idea of being trapped terrifies her.

Lila TerryLila

Registered superhero

Age: 15

Power: Lila is able to turn invisible, but when she does so, any movement will create blue sparks. Normally, that would be a disadvantage, but through lots and lots of practice, she’s learned to twist it to her advantage, blinding her opponents with the sparks. Lila’s powers are an inherited ability passed down through the women in her family- her grandmother to her mother to Lila.

Lila has worked with a government run force of superhumans most of her life* and, as a result of that, is much more experienced than Sloane and Ada. She has a strategic mind, and knows how to best use her powers so that they work to her advantage. She can be a bit uptight, especially about regulations, and quite paranoid at times, but is an incredibly loyal friend and definitely someone you want to have on your side.

*In the world of Show Me a Hero, all superhumans are required to either register and work with the government or live as outlaws.

Ada Ada Herris

(Was named Charlotte in early versions of the story)

Sloane’s girlfriend, Marie’s sister, unregistered superhero

Age: 17

Power: Ada has super speed, and although she’s never tested the exact limits of this, it seems that she’s able to slow down time around her so that it appears that she’s running incredibly fast. She still has close to average levels of endurance, though, so her powers are generally more useful to cover small areas very quickly than to run long distances.

Ada is normally spunky and optimistic, but after the death of her mother and Marie’s disappearance, she’s become far more withdrawn and quiet than she was before. Even so, she likes to look on the bright side of life, and sticks by her friends through everything. She has a rather fast paced view of life, and doesn’t like change or planning ahead.

The AntagonistsMarie

Marie Herris

Ada’s sister, Alex’s girlfriend, unregistered supervillain

Age: 19

Power: Due to her own experimentation, Marie is able to “shift” into a secondary form- a clawed, silver furred, somewhat feline monster. The drawback of these powers? When in her secondary form, Marie is overtaken by an uncontrollable bloodlust and loses most of her self control to the urge to kill. Marie also doesn’t have complete control over these powers. Each time she shifts, it gets harder and harder to resist shifting again. She suspects that, at some point, she’ll be unable to return to her human form.

Marie has an incredibly gifted mind and is a quick learner, but far more withdrawn than her sister. A child prodigy, her parents encouraged her to help them with their own scientific work in developing technological enhancements to superhuman powers. Marie practically worshipped her parents, but was even closer to her younger sister, Ada. The two of them were practically inseparable, and knew that they could tell each other anything. After one of Marie’s experiments went wrong- resulting in the death of her mother and also giving Ada and Marie powers of their own- Marie ran, blaming herself for the accident. She eventually found shelter with Alex’s gang of superhuman runaways and struggles with severe depression.Alex

Alexander “Alex” Vasquez

Marie’s boyfriend, unregistered supervillain

Age: 19

Power: Alex’s powers are quite similar to Marie’s. He also has the ability to shift into a secondary form- a tiger. His powers are granted by an amulet found in his attic. Although he doesn’t completely understand the amulet or the extent of its powers, its voice sometimes overcomes his own thoughts, rendering him helpless, and even seemingly insane at times. He has far better control over his powers than Marie, though, and is usually able to regain control.

Alex has been hunted by the Superhuman Registration Department (SRD) most of his life. Mostly due to his rebellious nature and his hatred of being tied down, he refuses to register. Finally, after years on the run, Alex decided to fight back, gathering a somewhat motley crew of like-minded individuals to fight back- usually at the cost of the lives of countless civilians and innocents. Unlike the heroes of the story, Alex has very little regard for the lives of others and is more than willing to risk them to get what he wants.

This post has turned out a lot longer than I originally intended, but I hope you enjoyed! Expect one on the secondary characters soon.


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