The Book to Movie Wishlist Tag

I was tagged to do this by Science, Books, and Silly Things– thanks!


The rules:

Pick 5 books that you would like to see made into movies, and talk a little bit about why you picked those books. Then, tag 5 more people to join in the fun.

I’m usually pretty skeptical of book to movie adaptations. They’re two different mediums for storytelling, and so a lot of the time, book adaptations don’t carry over very well to the screen. I prefer for my books and movies to remain separate. But… even so, there are a couple of stories, characters, and settings that I’d really like to see carried over to the big screen- assuming that they were well handled.

PlaylistForTheDeadPlaylist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff is a story about a teenage boy, Sam, trying to find out why his best friend, Hayden, decided to commit suicide, using the playlist that Hayden left behind in lieu of a suicide note. It’s also about first impressions and how people aren’t always what they seem. It was a really good book (I may or may not review it soon), and although it wasn’t one of my favorites, it would be really interesting to see it adapted into a movie. I’d really like to see how Sam’s (and the audience’s) perceptions of people change as you find out more about them beyond how they look, and I think that would work very well with real actors onscreen. Also, music plays such a huge part of the story (I actually recognized most of the songs and artists they mentioned, which was a pleasant surprise), so it would be very interesting to have a soundtrack to go alongside with the movie.

The Raven Boys (and the rest of the series) by Maggie Stiefvater.RavenBoys It’s an urban fantasy of sorts based around Welsh mythology and- even more importantly, in my mind- the fact that friendship is just as important as love. I feel like the magic would carry over really well to movies, and I’d absolutely love to see that on the screen as well as on the page. I want to see Cabeswater! And Blue’s eccentric aunts! A movie might also encourage more people to read this lovely series, which would be totally awesome. And it would be extra incentive for me to reread the story, too, which I really need to do- but it keeps getting pushed back on my TBR list. Grrr.

CinderThe Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is a series of fairy tale retellings set on a futuristic Earth (Basically. There’s way more to it than that). I think the fairy tale retelling aspect to the series works better in novel form, but it would still be really cool to see such a futuristic world on screen! It’s also a very diverse series (A futuristic novel not set in America? Whaaaat?) which is just an added bonus. We’d get to see a science fiction movie that’s not all about white dudes going on adventures in outer space. Also- I’d love to see Queen Levana on screen, and her perception altering powers! I feel like there’s potential for some really cool effects in that.

Ms Marvel by G. Willow Wilson. MsMarvelI really, really love superhero movies (anyone who reads this blog probably knows that) but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re sorely lacking in diversity. The comics do a far better job with representation (generally speaking), usually. At least Marvel. I don’t know very much about DC or the smaller publishers and indie comics. But anyway, it would be super cool to see Kamala Khan in a movie (preferably one of her own) and it would really help Marvel step up their game when it comes to representation in movies, since she’s a Muslim teen and a girl. I mean, Black Widow is awesome, but she’s one woman on a team of six. It’s actually a possibility that Kamala will get a movie, but at least for the moment, it’s not very likely. We’re probably going to get Carol Danvers instead, and even though I love her as well, I’d still prefer to see a movie for Kamala.

FabulousKilljoys The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by Gerard Way. This one just barely made it onto the list- not because I don’t think it wouldn’t carry well onto the big screen, but because I haven’t actually read the comics yet. Before you scoff at me for adding a series that I haven’t actually read, though, I’d just like to mention that the comics are a continuation of a My Chemical Romance album and it’s accompanying music videos, which I am very very familiar with. The only reason I haven’t read Killjoys yet is because my library doesn’t have a copy, so I’ll have to buy it. I highly doubt that a movie would happen, especially after My Chemical Romance’s breakup, but it would still be really cool to see. The world of the Killjoys with its bright colors and punk rock was basically made for the movies, and it also has some really good, strong messages- especially the importance of individuality and speaking out when people are wrong, especially through art. And the soundtrack would doubtlessly be absolutely amazing.

I tag: A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts, The Book Hugger, Books, Tea, and a Onesie, Where Books Never End, and Clockwork Desires. Anyone else who wants to do it is also welcome to!


8 thoughts on “The Book to Movie Wishlist Tag

  1. I haven’t read any of these yet, but a movie version of Cinder would be AMAZING. I can imagine it, now (and of course, I’ll be the director XD). Thanks for tagging me!

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