Music Medley & iTunes Haul #2

I’m going to be participating in Evi’s Music Medley for the second time now, seeing as I just bought a bunch of new music for my birthday! Music Medley is a link up in which you can share and discuss the music you’ve been listening to lately. I’ve combined it with a book haul type of thing, but music related instead.

MusicMedleyDisclaimer: If you’re reading this in email format, then you may want to just read it on my blog instead so that you’re able to see the music videos I’ve embedded (videos don’t appear to show up in the email format). Also, a couple of these songs do have cursing in them, if you do decide to watch the video.

1. Planetary (GO!) by My Chemical Romance. Planetary is probably one of their most lighthearted songs, and it’s really not my favorite. If I want lighthearted, then I go for Blink 182 or Bowling for Soup, not My Chem. But it’s still a really amazing song, and it always makes me want to get up and dance. It just has such an amazing get-up-and-go feel to it.

I can’t slow down, I won’t be waiting for you, I can’t stop now, because I’m dancing!

2. The Reckless and the Brave by All Time Low. I’m… not entirely sure what it is that I love so much about this song? I do really relate to it, though. It’s kind of like my theme song at the moment. One of many theme songs, at least. I’ve liked it for a while now and just didn’t get around to buying it until today.

Breaking out of a town called Suburbia, I remember everybody always saying “Little brat, must be crazy, never make it in our vicious little world”. Still, I’m leaving. Got a van, got a chance, got my dignity. Got a dream, got a spark, got somewhere to be.

3. Paint You Wings, also by All Time Low. The chorus is really beautiful (I painted a picture of the things I wanted most to color in the darker side of all my brightest hopes. But there’s a monster standing where you should be, so I’ll paint you wings, and I’ll set you free.) and it’s also just a really fun song, even if the lyrics themselves aren’t particularly fun (it’s about being emotionally manipulated by the people you trust). I like songs like that- the ones that are initially fun but really have a lot more meaning than that once you dig a little deeper.

I was never good enough to be anything but a remedy to all of your constant pressing needs

4. Action Cat by Gerard Way. I’ve been getting into Gerard and Frank’s (former members of My Chemical Romance, before the breakup) solo albums a lot more lately (and I’m really looking forward to hearing more of Ray’s and Mikey’s band’s). Action Cat is one of my favorite songs off of Hesitant Alien, although I really can’t tell you why. I just really, really like it. It is sort of like Paint You Wings in that it’s a fun, cheery song about a topic that isn’t really fun or cheery at all (in this case, trying to be someone you’re not).

We want television bodies that we can’t keep. We have battles in the dark when she falls asleep.

5. Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy ft Foxes. I must say, I’m not a huge fan of Save Rock and Roll (the album Just One Yesterday is from). The band featured a bunch of different artists, which I do find quite cool, but… I really didn’t like most of those artists. The parts by Fall Out Boy were pretty solid, but then the featured artists (a lot of whom were rappers) would drag the song down (at least in my opinion- if you enjoyed them, kudos to you!). However, there were a couple of songs that I did really enjoy, Just One Yesterday being one of them.

I don’t have the right name or the right looks, but I have twice the heart

6. She’s the Prettiest Girl at the Party, and She Can Prove it With a Solid Right Hook by frnkiero and the cellabration (THAT SONG TITLE IS UNFAIRLY LONG AND SUCH A PAIN TO WRITE). Also, the music video is so freakin’ cute. Anyway, it’s a really good song, even if the title is a little bit ridiculous. Unlike Paint You Wings or Action CatPrettiest Girl does not pretend to be a fun song. It’s sad, and hurting, and just a teeny bit mournful. But I still love it.

The things that you say hurt me most of the time, but I’m on your side, ’cause I know I’m not easy to deal with sometimes. But I’m sinking fast, so it’s alright.

7. House of Gold by twenty one pilots. This song is so freaking weird. Tyler and Josh are literally screaming while playing ukelele and tamborine??? I’m not kidding. It’s indie screamo and it’s just as weird as it sounds but it’s also really good. That’s one of the things I love about 21 pilots. They don’t worry about genre conventions. They don’t worry about genre at all. They make the music they want to make, and that’s it.

I will make you queen of everything I see. I’ll put you on the map, I’ll cure you of disease.

8. The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! at the Disco. Panic! is another weird band genre-wise; they switch up the genre every album, so you never really know what to expect. And, just like 21 pilots, I really like them (although I definitely enjoy some albums more than others). Anyway, The Ballad of Mona Lisa just has such a cool feel to it, and I really love the steampunk vibe to the music video!

Say what you mean, tell me I’m right, and let the sun rain down on me. Give me a sign, I want to believe.

What’re some of your favorite songs at the moment? Do you have an recommendations for me?


6 thoughts on “Music Medley & iTunes Haul #2

  1. AAHHH, ALL TIME LOW ❤ Love that band! The Ballad of Mona Lisa is a really cool song too. My friend forced me into listening to it, but it turned out to be really good. Love your music taste, Bridget <33

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