Avengers: Age of Ultron (Review)

So, a couple of days ago, I went to see Age of Ultron! I’ve been looking forward to it for months, and it definitely didn’t disappoint (which is good, because I’m not sure I could’ve handled it if it did). Anyway, here’s to the hope that this review turns out somewhat coherent instead of being a mess of excited squealing.

This is a spoiler free review!


First off, it was really cool seeing the Avengers as a fully established team. It was great in the first movie watching them get together and learn how to work with each other, but at this point, they all knew each other well and played off of each other’s powers in really neat ways. That was pretty awesome to see- they were assembled as a team who knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to best use their abilities all together, instead of just beating stuff up on their own.

There was also some really good character development going on in this one as well. Like I said, everyone has changed a lot since the first movie- and they continue to change throughout the movie. We get to see the darker side of some of the characters, especially Tony, while we get to see the lighter side of other characters, like Clint and Natasha. Clint has a family, and Natasha opens up a little to- guess who- Bruce Banner.


I was pretty skeptical about the two of them when it was first hinted that they were going to get together in the trailer. I’ve always been a pretty big Clintasha shipper, but Bruce and Nat were actually pretty cute together. They’re both deeply broken people- good people with a very dark side. And, while I suppose Clint is the same way, I’m also pretty happy that they are just friends after all. It’s really refreshing in movies (and books, for that matter) to see a man and woman who are very close, and not in a romantic way.


Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were excellent additions to the team. They were both really interesting characters, and their powers added a little intrigue to the team, especially Scarlet Witch/ Wanda’s. Among a bunch of other stuff, she was able to induce dream type hallucinations of a person’s fears, which allowed for some really interesting character building.


Also, Ultron’s dark humor was unexpectedly hilarious. Like, I didn’t really expect an evil genocidal robot to be funny but somehow he was and it worked? Unfortunately, it kind of ruined the creepy aspect of his character that you see in the trailers, but I think that in the end it was worth it for some of his fantastic one liners.


Reallty, the humor in general was spot on, not just Ultron’s- Maria Hill’s “cough TESTOSTERONE cough” line made me laugh SO hard, and Hawkeye had some pretty funny quips about his role in the team as well.


“We’re fighting an army of robots and I have A BOW AND ARROW”

The fight scenes were all very unique, so they didn’t really feel that excessive even though there were a lot of them. One of my main problems with the first Avengers movie was that the action started to get kind of tedious after a while and lost a lot of the impact that it could have had, but in this one, each and every fight was different in some way or another. There was also a really big focus on helping civilians, as opposed to beating up baddies, which was a nice change from the norm in superhero movies.

And it did a much better job at female representation than the first movie! Scarlet Witch was introduced, which, although it isn’t a huge step, really improved the male to female Avengers ratio. It’s still not great, but it’s better. And she was a very well written character, which I was pleased with. And there were plenty of more background female characters, too, which was refreshing, since background characters seem to tend to be male by default. Maria Hill also got a bit more time in the spotlight, which was great.

The main death scene (not saying who, because SPOILERS!) felt rather pointless and didn’t seem to have much of a purpose except for angst. That’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine- when authors write in deaths solely for the cause of making people sad (as opposed to story reasons). Who knows, though- it could be setup for a future movie. I do hope so.

Another minor frustration I had was that, looking back, it structurally, it was almost exactly similar to the first Avengers movie, meaning that it feels a little bit predictable. It isn’t much of a problem once you really get caught up in the story, though.

Almost exactly what I expect (and hope for!) from a superhero movie. Comic book movies seem to lose a lot of the glamour of the comics, but Age of Ultron felt just like it had just the right amount of action, humor, and interesting characters. Unfortunately, it feels a lot like a repeat of the first Avengers movie, and wasn’t really quite different enough to really stick out in my mind.



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