Costume Design for Show Me a Hero

So, I’m starting to notice a bad habit I have in relation to writing- I tend to go way overboard with character development. Not just, like, really liking to write character driven novels and think about the characters a lot. I like to do anything and everything in terms of characters- interviews, playlists, costumes, pretty much anything you can think of. But actually writing the story? Pffft. Nah, I can do that later.

Anyway, here is a shining example of that: I’ve designed some example outfits for all of my main characters! I figured I would post them here, and share my thoughts on each of the costumes. Maybe you can learn something!


cause they might try to tell you how you can live your life, but don't forget, it's your right to live however you like
Sloane Brooks
So, for Sloane’s costume, I knew that the first thing I wanted to keep in mind was that it needed to work with her wings. But I didn’t just want a hoodie with holes cutout in the back like in Maximum Ride, either. That wouldn’t be Sloane. She’s simultaneously girly and practical, so I wanted something that would reflect that. In the end, I found this really cute backless dress- perfect! It looks pretty, but wouldn’t interfere too much with Sloane’s wings. I built the rest of the outfit up from that, going for something that was pretty and girly but still fairly athletic.
she's an extraordinary girl in an ordinary world, and she can't seem to get away
Ada Herris
Ada’s powers didn’t really have as many restraints in terms of her everyday outfits- her power is superspeed, so she needs something flexible and comfortable, but she almost always wears her costume when doing superhero-y stuff, so as long as this was fairly comfortable and flexible, I could base it more off of her personality than her powers. So, Ada is from a very wealthy family with high expectations, but she’s beginning to buck under those expectations. I decided that, based on that, I wanted something trendy and nice looking, with just a little hint of rebellion to it. Unlike with Sloane’s outfit, instead of basing it all off of a single item, I just messed around with the main outfit until I found something I liked- pastel colors, white jeggings (more comfortable than jeans), and a pair of matching boots. And then I accessorized based off of that, trying to play up the rebellious aspect a little more.
never gonna take us, never gonna break us, futures open wide and the past is all behind us
Lila Terry
Lila is firmly practical, and a bit of a rough and tumble type. Her outfit was a lot simpler than the others, and she didn’t really seem like the type to accessorize beyond what was necessary. So I went for things that would be comfortable, durable, and maybe a little worn out, since Lila has better things to do than go shopping for new clothes.
i used to say i wanna die before i'm old, but because of you i might think twice
Marie Herris
Marie is Ada’s sister, but she has a much darker past and very different powers- scary powers that she has very little control over. So I decided to play up that contrast in their outfits, too. Where I used light pastels for Ada, I used dark colors, mostly black, for Marie. And since she lived on the streets for a while before finding a place to stay with Alex (another villain who I’ll get to in a second), I went for some kind of grungy, beat up looking clothing.
let's be alone together, we can stay young forever
Alex Vasquez
With Alex’s outfit, I wanted something that was practical and maybe a little worn looking, but still not too old or tattered, as he’s a very charming kind of person. And I wanted something that had a little in common with Ada’s outfit, since the two of them are in love. Aside from that, I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into Alex’s costume. I just went with what seemed right.
i feel you in these walls, you're a cold air creeping in, chill me to my bones and skin
Oblivion is actually a kind of minor character in comparison to the others, but she’s still one of my favorites to write. She’s very dark and creepy, so I went for a kind of halfway between gothic and modern. Something creepy looking but not too out there, since she needed to be able to blend in. And since she’s a telepath and doesn’t need a whole lot of mobility, I could have a bit more fun with her outfit, like using those heeled boots!
Do you like to think about costume designs for you characters too, or do you prefer to keep a vague idea of them in your head instead?

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