Summer Projects and Drawings

So, this summer, I used the break from school to do a little more work on art and stuff than I’m usually able to. I posted a lot of my projects to a website called DIY, which is a really cool website that’s kind of like a scouting program- you work on projects to get virtual badges for various skills. So far, I’ve earned quite a few badges- Writer, Superfan (basically for being a fangirl/ boy), Chef, and Interior Designer, and I’m just one project away from Illustrator and Fashion Designer. Basically, it’s a lot of fun.

But that’s not really what I’m here to discuss- I wanted to share some of the projects I worked on this summer, most of which are drawings that I’m actually pretty proud of.


I made myself a pair of galaxy Converse

ColorPalette RoomDesign

I made a color palette and a mood board


I splatter painted my jeans and sewed them into capris because they were getting pretty worn out


I drew a picture of my dream bedroom


I did some Harry Potter fanart


I did some grunge-y fashion sketches


I did some Fabulous Killjoys fanart


and Fall Out Boy fanart


And did a bunch of sketches for the main character from my current WIP!

What did you do this summer?

13 thoughts on “Summer Projects and Drawings

    • Yeah, I’ve been listening to Folie a Deux on repeat most of the summer 😛 And thank you! They were a lot of fun to make. I love splatter painting stuff.

      • Yessss 😀 I feel like it’s really underrated because a lot of people just listen to their poppier stuff (which I also like, I just wish there were more people who saw how amazing their older stuff is :P)

  1. You are so creative and talented!! This summer, I’ve been working, writing, spending time with my friends, and just having a great time. Also mentally preparing myself for the school year. It has been quite relaxing, though 🙂

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