Music Monday #5: Back to School

Music Monday is a bi-weekly blog link up to encourage the sharing and discussion of people’s favorite music. Join in to share your own music and find new songs to listen to! A new playlist theme will be posted every other Monday.



First off just let me say: THIS IS LATE I’M SO SORRY. I’ve been busy, and I’m sick, and a bunch of stuff piled up and I just wasn’t able to have this post written by yesterday. So… oops. Anyway, the theme this time is Back to School. Middle school, high school, college, Hogwarts, anything goes. As usual- interpret it however you want, and have fun!


  1. This is a bi-weekly feature. New themes will be posted every other Monday. You can post your own playlist any time in between the day the theme is posted and the day the next theme goes up (it doesn’t need to be a Monday).
  2. I make an album cover-y graphic for each playlist. You’re welcome to use mine or make your own, whichever you prefer.
  3. If you want, you can post your playlist on Spotify, 8tracks, YouTube, or whatever else works for you, and link to that from your blog.
  4. You may use whatever music you want, but if it contains explicit language, please mention that in your post!
  5. This isn’t really required, meaning I won’t kick you out or anything if you don’t do it, but try to listen to and comment on a couple of other people’s playlists as well. The intention of this is to encourage the sharing of people’s favorite music!
  6. Have fun!

Join In 

My Playlist

Pump-up, energetic indie-pop and alternative to help you stay positive and keep from falling asleep during math class.

Listen to it on Spotify

  1. New Americana by Halsey*
  2. Pity Party by Melanie Martinez (The Feels Remix)
  3. Queen of Peace by Florence + the Machine
  4. Roots by Imagine Dragons
  5. Don’t Wait Up by Robert DeLong
  6. Keep On Keepin’ On by Travie McCoy ft Brendon Urie
  7. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
  8. Seventeen by Alessia Cara
  9. 101 by WALLA
  10. Circles by Machineheart ft Vanic
  11. What You Know by Two Door Cinema
  12. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood
  13. Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) by New Politics*
  14. I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons
  15. Ways to Go by Grouplove
  16. Best Day of My Life by American Authors
  17. War Paint by FLETCHER
  18. West End Kids by New Politics

Songs marked with an asterisk (*) contain curse words and/or mention drug use

Don’t forget to join with your own playlist!

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