Summer Goals: How’d I Do?

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote a list of goals.

Then, I forgot about them.


So, since it’s September and all, I figured now would be as good a time as any to wrap them up. Let’s see how much I accomplished (without trying to accomplish it).


Original goal:

This summer, I’d really like to branch out a little more in terms of what I’m reading, and also focus more on LGBT+ books, especially nonfiction. I tried to keep that in mind while creating my reading list, and in the end came up with a very diverse list, ranging from OCD, The Dude, and Me to 1984. I’ve also found some really interesting looking nonfiction, like a book about psychology (it’s aimed toward teens but not patronizing, which is nice) and some really cool books about the riot girl movement.

I actually read most of the books on my fiction list, and found some new favorites, including (but definitely not limited to) The Perks of Being a Wallflower and We All Looked Up. I also read some rad new comics like NimonaLoki: Agent of Asgard, and V for Vendetta.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do terribly well with the nonfiction side of my list. I did read more nonfiction than I usually do – on topics ranging from colleges to art – but none of the ones that were on my list.

I also started reading more poetry this summer! I found to collections that I really liked, Please Excuse This Poem and Poisoned Apples. I’m hoping to read some more poetry through this school year because I never really realized how enjoyable it can be.


I’ve also signed up for the teen summer reading program at my library! I did it last year too, but joined late and was only able to participate in one of the activities. This year, it’s superhero themed, so I’m really excited (and a little nervous, admittedly, but I’m always nervous about meeting  new people, so that’s nothing new). I know I haven’t been posting about it as much lately, but I’m still a massive Marvel fan!

I did this, and it was a lot of fun! I met a lot of new friends, (re)watched a bunch of my favorite Marvel movies, and found some really cool books. Plus, I’ve joined a YA book club and the library’s Teen Advisory Group, both of which are going to continue throughout the year!


I’d like to learn a little bit more about my ukulele and teach myself a few more songs. As of yet I only know one, so it’ll be fun to learn some more.

I’m also going to start doing some extra chores to earn money for a guitar, because, I mean, the main reason I’m teaching myself ukulele is to get practice for when I have a guitar (I’ve heard that the ukulele makes good practice because the chords are very similar- same shapes, different names). Wish me luck!

Also, I’m going to keep working on my flute, and hopefully start private voice lessons.

Well. In some ways that worked out, and in some ways it didn’t.


On one hand, I haven’t played guitar since spring. Oops.

But on the other hand, my brother got a guitar for his birthday. So even if it’s not technically mine, I have a guitar to play, at least until I’m able to save up enough money to get my own.


In terms of listening to music (as opposed to playing it), I’d like to branch out a little more. I really do have a pretty wide range of musical tastes, but lately I’ve been sticking pretty closely to my favorite bands and not really trying to find anything new. So this summer I’m going to be enlisting Pandora’s help in finding new music, especially some more punk rock. I’ve listened to a little teeny bit of the Ramones and Joan Jett, but that’s about it.

I listened to a lot of new music this summer, and I’m glad I did. Although I still have those special bands that are close to my heart (Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance in particular), I’ve fallen in love with a lot of new music as well, especially indie pop.


I think I’ll actually be doing a new Music Medly post soon, so keep an eye out for that.


I’d like to work on my drawing skills a little, but I don’t really have anything in particular in mind aside from… well, draw more!

I did a lot of art! You can check out the post I wrote about it here.

My mom found a really cool website called DIY that basically lets you work toward different badges, and it has a lot of cool project ideas that I’m going to try. If you want to see my progress/ what activities I’ve done so far, just check out my profile!

I spent a lot of time on DIY too, and it was soooo much fun! I’m going to try and keep up with it through the school year, but realistically I won’t be able to do as much as I did over the summer. If you’d like to see my DIY profile, here’s the link– it’s more up to date than the blog post and so it has a lot more of my projects included.


I don’t have a whole lot of writing-specific goals, but I would like to post more frequently on this blog and try to finish a short story I’ve been working on.

Well. On one side, I did to a LOT of writing. I had a story I needed to write so I could submit it to get into a writer’s workshop, which I poured hours and hours of work into- but then the workshop was cancelled. But on the good side, I do have a killer new short story! And a friend of mine and I are planning to hold some writer’s meet ups, so there is that.


I didn’t do very well posting here, but… oh well. I’m not posting as much, but on the good side, I feel a lot more relaxed about it, which has really improved the quality of my posts (at least, I hope…).

So, overall, it was a really fun summer! And I actually did pretty well on these goals, even though I didn’t even keep track of them, which I think is pretty impressive.

What did you do this summer? Did you get as much done as you had wanted to?

14 thoughts on “Summer Goals: How’d I Do?

  1. Hahah it’s so nice that you could do so much from your list without actually thinking about it! (in my case, my summer was gone a month ago, but I didn’t do much. In fact, I’m planning to do much more during this semester. :D) Loved reading you!

  2. From what I’ve seen, we have similar taste in music and I am currently obsessed with this band called Neon Trees who are New Wave Pop Rock band who opened for the killers in 2008. Maybe you’d like to check them out, I would suggest Love in the 21st century and Songs I can’t listen to as an introduction to their vibe. Good luck finding more music to listen to!

  3. Indie pop was waaay the sound of my summer. 🙂 (Also, the sound of me being in anticipation of summer. Because summer didn’t really start until, like, July, haha.) Pandora isn’t available in the UK, but to find new music I’ll just sort of…see what other people are listening to. Or listen to a bunch of 8tracks playlists and add my faves to a Spotify one of my own.
    POETRY LOVE YAY *high fives* ❤ I really need to get some actual poetry books out the library…mostly I read them online? Ugh, it's not as pretty as on paper. But hey!
    Congrats on your writing! It's great that you did some, even if the workshop didn't happen. 🙂

    • yesssssss it’s so amazing. I just love discovering new music (And it’s shaping up to be the sound of my fall, too, haha 😛 ). I’m actually kind of annoyed with Pandora right now (it tends to play the same songs and artists over and over) so I’ve switched over to Spotify. 8tracks is great, it’s what really got me into music 🙂

      It’s funny because I never really liked poetry, and now I’m reading it and even writing a little! And there are some really lovely poems online, I’ve found. I’d highly recommend Poisoned Apples if you can find it! It’s, like, poetry about feminism and fairy tales.

      Thanks! I’m still kinda bummed about the writer’s workshop but oh well.

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