How to Start Reading Comics: Introduction

So, I’ve been into Marvel for years now – since 2012, when The Avengers came out – but I’ve only been reading comics for a year or so, even though I wanted to start reading them a while before that.

Why, you ask?

Well, there were a lot of hold ups.

Comics are hard to get into, I’m not going to argue that. You have to figure out where to get them (more complicated than it sounds), and, even more importantly, what to read.

The first comic I read was Amazing X-Men #1 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness. I was totally blown away; I loved it. The art was so cool, and I loved all of the characters involved. So I figured, why not just start reading more X-Men? I couldn’t go wrong with them, right?


The next series I picked up was New X-Men and I hated it. The writing was confusing and all over the place, and the art was super ugly (not to mention sexist).

I put it down and didn’t read comics again for another year.

But these days, I’m totally in love with comics! I have a few series (such as Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Lumberjanes) that I love to the ends of the earth.

Comics are amazing – sometimes very deep and thoughtful, other times totally fun reads – and if you’re not reading them, you’re seriously missing out. But I do realize how hard it can be to get into them – which is why I’m putting together a series of posts on breaking in to comics! Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be discussing where to get comics, what to read, and more, so keep an eye out!

5 thoughts on “How to Start Reading Comics: Introduction

  1. Was that Grant Morrison’s New X-Men? Cause the second comic to have that title is New X-Men: Academy X (dont remember the author) and I loved it and didnt see any sexist art there, but I havent read Grant Morrison’s run so I dont know if thats what youre talking about here.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was the Grant Morrison run. It was mostly the ugliness that bothered me, but it also kinda bugged me that every one of the women looked like Barbies and they were in gigantic platform heels (like, a foot tall). I haven’t read Academy X yet, though, so I can’t really speak for that.

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