Thoughts on Season Eight of Doctor Who

I’m not quite sure what to think about Season Eight. I mean, it was okay, I guess. Nothing great, but okay. I’ve tried to list my thoughts below, in no real order. Also, gifs from various fandoms to help articulate my feelings on the season.


The Doctor

Capaldi makes an excellent Doctor. I love how he’s done so far, and how this incarnation of the Doctor is sort of grouchy, and almost as snarky as Nine. Even so, he’s still protective, even if he can seem pretty cold and uncaring sometimes. I think it’s a good counterbalance to Eleven, and even Ten, in a way. Twelve may be my favorite Doctor yet.

My problem is with his relationship with Clara. He’s always insulting her. Maybe it’s to show that their relationship isn’t romantic anymore? But they’re still supposed to be friends, and besides, there are better ways of showing that.


I liked Clara a lot better in this season. Her character has really developed since the writers started treating her as a character instead of a plot device. She’s not nearly my favorite companion, but hey, she’s better than she was.

My biggest problems with Clara in this season were her relationship with Danny- we’ll get to that later- and the emotional inconsistency. Jenna Louise Coleman did an excellent job, but when it came to the writers, there was no consistency between episodes. One moment she’s yelling at the Doctor that she’s done and never wants to see him again, and the next they’re going on a fun “goodbye trip” in space. I would’ve preferred to see her character arc carried throughout the show, instead of being an “on again, off again” thing.


Danny was great, as a character. I liked Danny. I liked seeing Danny with the school kids. I liked seeing Danny with the Doctor. I liked seeing Danny twist the Doctor’s earlier ideas of soldiers. I liked the conflicts he had about his earlier life. He made an excellent character, and would’ve made a great companion alongside Clara- but just as friends.

Danny and Clara’s Relationship

Ick. No way. I mean, it had potential. Their first date was a cute scene overall, but it all went down from there. They said they loved each other, they insisted. But all that the show showed us was Danny and Clara lying to each other. Even during that first date they lied. Their relationship just felt to rushed, like the writers wanted to build up to (spoiler alert for the season finale- highlight to read) Danny’s death at the end of the season without taking the time to focus on the good points of their relationship.


(More spoiler alerts are scattered through this. Just highlight them if you want to read them.) Missy made an excellent villain, like an evil Mary Poppins. I was skeptical at first, since she seemed like every other Moffat femme fatale ever. But when she killed Osgood, it was pretty terrifying. Like, take Moriarty and Mary Poppins. Squish them together and you have Missy.

As to the plot twist… I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it set the stage for the Doctor to possibly regenerate as a woman in the future, which would be absolutely amazing. On the other hand, it just seemed so… obvious. But none of the Master’s aliases in the past have been particularly clever, so I guess it’s in character.

The New Title Sequence

I must admit, I was really skeptical of the new title sequence and theme at first. Up until now, they’ve all stayed relatively similar, and then… BOOM. Completely different. But I grew to like it, aside from the whole Capaldi’s-face-floating-in-the-sky thing. It’s really different, but in a good way.

The Finale

This was probably one of Moffat’s best finales yet. I mean, it wasn’t anywhere near RTD level, but it wasn’t a complete letdown either. It was creepy and dark. One of my favorite things, though, that it was more on an emotional level than a save-the-world thing. Clara wanted to save Danny. The Doctor tried to help her. And even if I have problems with Clara and Danny’s relationship, Jenna Louise Coleman’s performance was good enough to make me feel bad for her anyway. I must say, the ending was confusing, and Osgood’s death seemed like a bit of a throwaway, but aside from that… Probably my best Moffat finale, even if that isn’t saying much.

The Season Overall

In general terms, I liked this season. It wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t horrible. It was just sort of… meh. There were lots of little problems I had with a lot of the episodes, but overall, it was… okay. If there was more Jenny and Vastra it would’ve been better, but hey, you can’t have everything. Especially when Moffat is head writer.

Anyway, what did you guys think? Did you love this season? Hate it? Or a bit of both?

Shipping and OTPs

Before we get started on the actual post, I’d like to let you know that I’ve written a co-review of “Kill the Moon” (S08, E07 of Doctor Who) with nevillegirl at Musings from Neville’s Navel. You can find the post here.

For those of you who aren’t neck deep in nerd culture and fandoms, I’m going to define what these mysterious “ships” and “OTPs” are (No, it has nothing to do with FedEx).
Shipping (Ship is short for relationship, I think?) generally means that you think two characters would make/ are a cute couple. Sometimes people also ship characters as just friends- they don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship.

OTP stands for “one true pairing”. The thing is, most people have multiple OTPs. It can be taken in different ways, like you have one OTP per fandom, or even per character.

So, anyway, now that I’ve defined those critical terms and self-promoted a bit (as usual), let’s get started! I’m going to be listing my OTPs and my thoughts on them/ why I ship them. Hopefully, this one will have a bit more substance than my horrendous INTJ characters post.

Let the shipping begin!

Clint Barton/ Natasha Romanoff- Marvel Cinematic Universe

“Agent Barton was sent to kill me. He made a different call.” -Natasha Romanoff, The Avengers

How could anyone not ship this? I mean, they’re just so perfect for each other. You want chemistry? They’ve got chemistry. I can totally imagine them going on this super romantic dinner date and then right afterwards going out to kick some HYDRA butt or something.

Cecil/ Carlos- Welcome to Night Vale

Awww it's like Night Vale meets Disney

“Neat!” -Cecil Baldwin, WTNV Episode 16 (The Phone Call)

Why do I ship them, you ask? HAHAHA Cecil and Carlos are just… They’re just… so cuuuuute together. Also I have a weakness for ships where one or both of the people in it are super awkward and nerdy and obviously in love but have a really hard time expressing it and I just… It’s perfect. They’re perfect for each other.

Jenny/ Madame Vastra- Doctor Who

“I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife.” -Madame Vastra, The Snowmen

Jenny and Vastra are really one of the only reasons I’m still watching this Moffat stuff. I don’t have as much to say on this one, but… PERFECTION.

Sherlock Holmes/ Molly Hooper- Sherlock

“You’ve always counted.” -Sherlock Holmes, The Reichenbach Fall

As I said, awkward-nerdy-but-still-adorable ships are one of my weaknesses. I don’t really have a whole lot to say on Sherlolly either, though, aside from that it’s cute.

Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman- The Young Avengers

“Oh, ugh. Is love really going to save us all?” -Loki, Young Avengers #13

Why, you ask? Excuse me if I laugh at you again. Billy and Teddy are the best together, there’s no denying it. They understand each other, and they’re just such a (I feel like I’m really overusing this word but) cute couple.

Gertrude Yorkes and Chase Stein- The Runaways

“I was reventilating him. Anyone who says different gets fed to my dinosaur.” -Gertrude Yorkes, Runaways #16

Throughout most of the original series, they hated each other (Well, at least, Gert hated Chase. I have no idea if Chase hated Gert or not.) and then BOOM.  They were absolutely in love and it was perfect. And it wasn’t perfect, either. It was realistic. They had their ups and downs. It wasn’t all just fluffiness and rainbows, but they still stayed together, and… I think that makes it all the better.

Let me know what your ships and OTPs are in the comments!

Quarterly Rewind: Spring 2014

So, hi guys! It’s me again, believe it or not. Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I’ve had a really hard time coming up with ideas for posts lately, but hopefully I’m back now. Keep an eye out for my review of Ash by Malinda Lo, as it should be coming soon!
Favorite Quote From A Book I Read This Spring
“I got to thinking that poems were like people. Some people you got right off the bat. Some people you just didn’t get- and never would.”
-Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Sáenz
This Spring In One Word
Most Popular Review This Spring
The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
Top Two Books I Read This Spring
  1. Ash, by Malinda Lo. I haven’t even finished it yet, but gosh, this book is amazing. Queer protagonists! Fairy tale style storytelling (in a YA book)! What’s not to like?
  2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. METAPHORS! Metaphors everywhere!

Two Things I’m Looking Forward To This Summer
  1. Horseback riding. I’m doing a summer camp, so that’ll be fun. Even if it’ll be really hot out.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy comes out on August 1st! I can’t wait!

Three New Obsessions This Spring
  1. Comic books. I still haven’t read that many, but the ones I have read, I’ve loved.
  2. Renaissance-era stuff. My school is doing a renaissance fair next year, so I’ve been doing a lot of research.
  3. Polyvore, a new favorite website of mine. Which is weird. I’ve never really been into fashion. Even if it’s fandom related.

Most Popular Three Blog Posts Overall This Spring
Three Posts I Loved On Other Blogs This Spring
Three Things That Happened This Spring
  1. I’ve branched out in my reading interests a bit. I’ve started reading a lot more historical fiction, queer fiction, and comic books lately.
  2. I was REALLY busy in May. I had a horse show and two big school events. It was fun, though.
  3. I volunteered to help teach a book club at school next year with a few friends!

Six Songs That I Listened To Far Too Often This Spring
  1. Cassandra’s Waltz, from the Doctor Who soundtrack. It’s so lovely and sci-fi sounding at the same time.
  2. New Year’s Day, by U2. I don’t know what it is about this song, but I love it.
  3. New Soul, by Yael Naim. Which is weird. This is more my mom’s kind of music (I usually don’t listen to upbeat songs), but… I like it.
  4. Nobody but Me, by Save Ferris.
  5. Warg Scouts, from the An Unexpected Journey soundtrack. This one is great for writing action scenes to.
  6. I Can See the Light from Tangled.

Quarterly Rewind- Winter 2014

So, I got this idea from nevillegirl at Musings From Neville’s Navel. Basically, it’s a meme going over the events of the past couple of months.

It’s hard to believe that winter is over, isn’t it? And I’ll be turning fourteen in a couple of days. Weird.

So. On to the meme.

Image From This Winter

A photo taken during photography class at my school.
Favorite Quote From A Book I Read This Winter
“In the end, all it takes is one small action, by one person. One at a time.” 
-Ghost Hawk, By Susan Cooper

1. The Neptune Project, by Polly Holyoke. It quickly became one of my new favorite books. I love the characters, the story, and the writing.
My birthday! No. Okay. Um. Seriously.
First of all, the new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past. And Muppets Most Wanted. Honestly, it seems like all the best movies are coming out this year. I’m so excited!
Second… let’s see. I’m going on a school camping trip; that should be fun, as I haven’t been tent camping in a while now.
Disney. After Frozen came out, I’ve been totally hooked on Disney. Remember how I was mentioning adding ‘yet another fandom’ to the list? Well, here’s another one. Give me a year and I’ll be a sobbing wreck from all the feels.
Third. Let’s see. Looking at FitzSimmons stuff on Pintrest because even though I don’t watch Agents of SHIELD it’s one of the bestest ships ever.
This Winter In One Word
Fast. The year has been going by much too quickly for me.
Most Popular Review This Winter
The Neptune Project, by Polly Holyoke.
Top Two Books I Read This Winter

2. Shada, by Gareth Roberts. It’s like high-end Doctor Who fanfiction, plus it retains the trademark humor of Douglas Adams.
Two Things I’m Looking Forward To This Spring

Three New Obsessions This Winter
Marvel superheroes- the movies and occasionally the comics. I’ve never really been into superheroes before, but lo and behold. Here I am, a newly coined True Believer. Yet another fandom to add to my list.

Five Things That Happened This Winter
Hmm. Let me see.

I started a new novel, which I may or may not write a post about sometime in the near future.I downloaded the free trial of Scrivener, which I may or may not decide to use. I realized that my decision about which high school I want to go to will be a lot harder than I originally thought. I joined Pintrest and went crazy with it. And I learned the basics of html coding and css.

Three Songs That I Listened To Far Too Often This Winter
Let It Go, from Frozen. It’s perfect stress relief, and always manages to make me feel better.

Plus, it’s just plain awesome.

New Year’s Day, by U2. I just discovered U2 on my iPod, and I love it. It’s quickly made a place on my list of favorite music.

Eleanor Rigby, by the Beatles. It’s so sad. But as Sally Sparrow so wisely put it, “Sad is happy for deep people.”

The Song of the Lonely Mountain, by Neil Finn. It’s so beautiful and rather haunting.

So, I think that’s about it.

Thoughts on the Twelfth Doctor

Happy Christmas (A tad bit late), everyone! A time of happiness and cheer…. oh yes, and the Doctor regenerated. 

So. What did you think of the Christmas special? Certainly not my favorite episode, by far. But still… Eleven is dead. And I’m not at all sure what my thoughts on Twelve are. So I suppose I’ll try to sort them out here.
He looks like an owl. 
Not exactly the most important thing about him, but I really needed to get that out of my system.
Owls aside, I like him. I don’t like him. He’ll make an amazing Doctor. He’ll stink.
First of all, he seems like he’ll be much more similar to the Classic Doctors, and a long shot from anything we’ve seen in New Who so far.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing? 
Most likely a good thing. I’ll miss Ten and Eleven’s quirky personality, but a change from that would be good. 
“Eccleston was a tiger and Tennant was, well, Tigger. Smith is an uncoordinated housecat who pretends that he meant to do that after falling off a piece of furniture.”  — Steven Moffat
As Steven Moffat himself said,
“Eccleston was a tiger and Tennant was, well, Tigger. Smith is an uncoordinated housecat who pretends that he meant to do that after falling off a piece of furniture.” 

So who is Capaldi?

Second on the agenda. He forgot how to fly the TARDIS? Oh goodness, I hope not.

Third. I don’t like Clara. Hopefully he’ll find a new companion soon. Maybe Scarf Girl (Technichally, her name was Osgood, yes. But Scarf Girl sounds much better) from the 50th? I really do hope so. She seemed a much deeper character than Clara.

So. That’s about it for today. Thoughts on Capaldi, anyone?

The Day of the Doctor Review

Well! Hello again! After virtually no new posts over the course of NaNoWriMo, I’m back again! Yay! *Throws confetti* *Crickets chirp* Anyway… The Day of the Doctor!

*Spoiler Alert*

Gosh. What can I say. It was brilliant!

Oh gosh. Look at his face. Ten has the best faces. Am I distracting you? Back on track.

Bad Wolf.

I don’t know what to say about Bad Wolf.

I was quite excited about seeing Rose again, but I must say, I wasn’t disappointed. Billie Piper was amazing as the Moment. The consciousness of a weapon of mass destruction? Yup. That’s Doctor Who for ya.

I was quite impressed with the concept of a weapon that actually passes judgement on you for it’s use.

And the punishment for destroying all of Gallifrey, including not only the Daleks but also the Time Lords?

Living to see another day.


Now. John Hurt. The Time War Doctor. 8.5, if you will.

I was rather suspicious about this.

I mean, adding another Doctor? This would totally mess everyone up.

Eight is still Eight, but Nine is Ten?

But Moffat pulled it off quite well.

He even managed to fill in some earlier plot holes.

Honestly, I hope Twelve spends his regeneration searching for Gallifrey. And now I’m going to have to catch up on Classic Who in the hopes that he does. After all… Gallifrey falls no more.

Rating: 9.5/10

Oh, and we mustn’t forget.

The humor hidden so well that every time you watch it you find something now to laugh at.



I’ve realized that my posts on here leave much to be desired. I created this blog intending it to be a place for me to share my thoughts, but I’ve realized that, when I post on here, it tends to be just a collection of Doctor Who/ Sherlock/ Harry Potter pics. Therefore, I’ve decided to make 3 changes to this blog, starting today.
1. I’ll try to post at least once a week (Note the word try. I’ll be homeschooled this year, so I’ll be working much harder.)
2. My posts will (almost) always have some… substance? Is that the word for it? I won’t just be posting random pics anymore.
3. I’ll post for a wider audience. It won’t all be Doctor Who/ Sherlock/ Harry Potter themed (Although you can expect quite a few of Doctor Who/ Sherlock/ Harry Potter themed posts, still)
Now, for today’s post. 🙂 I got this from Musing From Neville’s Navel, and although I hope to do some better posts later on, here it is.

Top 5 Favorite Animated Movies
  1. How to Train Your Dragon
  2. Up
  3. The Pirates
  4. Finding Nemo
  5. Brave
Top 5 Favorite Superhero Movies
  1. Avengers
  2. That’s pretty much the only superhero movie I’ve seen…
  3. So…
  4. Same here.
  5. And her
Top 5 Favorite Comedies
  1. Elf
  2. Muppets From Space
  3. Anything Muppets, actually
  4. The Princess Bride
  5. I’m not sure what else to put here, actually.
Top 5 Favorite Movies as a Kid
  1. Finding Nemo
  2. Milo and Otis
  3. Babe
  4. The Aristocats
  5. Anything with lots of talking animals
5 Worst Movies EVER
  1. Alpha and Omega
  2. Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith
  3. Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace
  4. Star Wars II: The Clone Wars
  5. The Lion King (Although I did like the music)
Top 5 Book-to-Movie Adaptations
  1. The Fellowship of the Ring
  2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I
  4. The Return of the King
  5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Top 5 Movies You Were Most Excited to See in Theaters
  1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  2. Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I
  4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II
  5. Hmmm… I can’t really think of any more.
Top 5 Cutest Animals in Movies/ TV Shows
  1. The Ewoks from Star Wars
  2. Adipose from Doctor Who
  3. Doug from Up
  4. Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon
  5. Did I mention the Adipose?
Top 5 Favorite Actors/Actresses (in terms of acting)
  1. Martin Freeman (The Hobbit/ Sherlock/ The Pirates)
  2. David Tenant (Doctor Who/ The Pirates/ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
  3. Catherine Tate (Doctor Who)
  4. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)
  5. Hmm… I can’t think of anyone else. Maybe Billie Piper from Doctor Who?
Top 5 Favorite Actors That Bring Out Your Inner Fangirl
  1. I don’t fangirl.
  2. I like actors for their skill, that’s it.
  3. Got it?
  4. Same here
  5. And here
Top 5 Favorite TV Shows
  1. Doctor Who
  2. Sherlock
  3. Merlin
  4. Wolverine and the X-Men
  5. The Ultimate Spiderman
Top 5 Favorite Male TV Characters
  1. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
  2. John Watson (Sherlock)
  3. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
  4. Arthur (Merlin)
  5. Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)
Top 5 Favorite Female TV Characters
  1. Morgana (Merlin)
  2. Gwen Merlin)
  3. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
  4. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
  5. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
Top 5 Favorite TV Animals
  1. Animal (Muppets)
  2. Kermit  (Muppets)
  3. Gonzo (Muppets)
  4. Fozzie Bear (Muppets)
  5. K-9 (Doctor Who)

How to Read/ Write Gallifreyan

I found out how to write in Circular Gallifreyan!
Here are some instructions from a Wiki Page about it

Circular Gallifreyan is a standardized version of the written Gallifreyan language as seen in Doctor Who. It was standardized by a fan, so it is not officially sanctioned, but it looks terribly cool. You can read a guide to Gallifreyan online or just read The Honey Badger‘s guide below.
Legal Note!
Doctor Who and Gallifreyan are © BBC, and this alphabet is © Loren Sherman.

Getting Started

If you’re reading this guide, that’s probably because you found the original guide a bit too confusing. If you haven’t read the original guide, I recommend you at least give it a shot – after all, that comes direct from the source and I’m just interpreting the rules.



Consonants take one of four forms and are modified by one of five different designs. In the chart to the left, you can see the four basic forms along the left side and the five modifications along the top. The dot modifications are included within the circle of the letter while the line modifications extend outward from the circle of the letter. To get a better idea for how each letter looks, to the right is a complete set of Gallifreyan consonants.
When writing out a word in Gallifreyan, it is done based on English spelling with the exception of the letter C and a few phonetic letters (CH, SH, TH NG). Since ‘C’ makes either a ‘K’ or an ‘S’ sound, we use those letters as replacements Here are some examples of Gallifreyan spelling exceptions:
  • ‘Cat’ would be written as ‘Ka T’ (don’t worry about that a, we’ll get to vowels in a second)
  • ‘Sauce’ would be written as ‘Sa U Se’
  • ‘Thing’ is written as ‘THi NG’, not ‘T Hi N G’
  • ‘Shale’ is written as ‘SHa Le’ not ‘S Ha Le’
  • ‘Change’ is written as ‘CHa N Ge’ and not ‘C Ha N Ge’
Consonant designs, that is, the dots or lines that differentiate the consonants, do not rely on placement or size to distinguish. So long as the appropriate number of lines or dots are placed on that consonant, then it is correct. More on this later.


Vowels are a bit trickier. Vowels are either attached to the preceding consonant or they float on their own – either way they are smaller circles than the consonants and have slightly different rules.
In the diagram to the left, you can see how each vowel looks both attached and unattached to a consonant. ‘A’ is written as a small circle just outside of the main line of the word. ‘E’ is a small circle either centered on the line of the word or centered within any full-circle consonant. ‘I’ is a small circle with a line extending towards the inside of the word, either centered on the line of the word or centered within any full-circle consonant. ‘O’ is a small circle that rests inside the line of the word when it stands on its own, and when attached to a consonant it rests bisected on the inside edge of the letter. ‘U’ is a small circle with a line extending towards the outside of the word, either centered on the line of the word or centered within any full-circle consonant.
A vowel does not have to be attached, and can stand on its own at the writer’s discretion. As a general rule, however, a vowel should stand on its own if you want to elongate a short word (for example, ‘T H E’ might be put instead of ‘T He’). In cases where a word starts with a vowel (‘E Le P Ha N T’ for example) or you have two vowels in a row (‘Re A L’ for example), a vowel will need to stand on its own because it has no consonant to attach to.


Words in Gallifreyan are based around circles. A word begins at the bottom of the circle (that is, the part of the circle closest to the bottom of the image/paper) and proceed anticlockwise around the word. An example can be seen to the right.
Notice both attached and unattached vowels in action in this word. You also have two letters, ‘P’ and ‘Ha’ which are connected by lines. Since both ‘P’ and ‘H’ have two lines, we can draw those lines connecting the two letters. This does not have to be done, so long as both letters have two lines, they are written correctly. ‘N’, you can see, has a single line which is extending beyond the circle of the word. So long as lines do not intersect with letters that should not have any additional lines, they can extend as far as the writer wishes.


Sentences are essentially just words made up of words. Just like a word, they are based in a circle and you read them starting from the bottom and then proceeding around anticlockwise. Punctuation can be added along the edge of the sentence circle. Sentences are contained within two circles, the inner of which you place the punctuation around, and the outer which is simply a containing circle.
The three dots in the outer circle are an exclamation mark. This and the rest of the punctuation marks can be seen in the table below. Sadly, there does not seem to be a comma available at this time.