Show Me a Hero

Status: First draft completed.

Quote from the story:

We’re a team now.

We’re going to save my sister.

And we’re going to kick some serious butt while we do it.


“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” -Scott F Fitgerald

“The most painful moral struggles are not those between good and evil, but between the good and the lesser good.” -Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

“Heroism feels and never reasons, and is therefore always right.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Asha Brown. Better known as Sparks. Her mother died when she was only ten, leaving Asha with nothing but painful memories and an enormous reputation to uphold. Oh, and superhuman powers. Minor detail. Now, Asha is tethered to the NYPD, with no option to make choices of her own. Or so she thought.
Charlotte Herris is perfectly well known as… well… Charlotte Herris. She’s the daughter of a genius and a billionaire- it goes to follow that she should have it all. But after witnessing her sister’s spiral into insanity- which resulted into the murder of her mother- Charlotte took up the mantle of Cheetah, masked illegal vigilante.
Sharon Baker would like you to know that the above introduction was incredibly cliched and she had no part in writing it. She’s not going to bore you with her angsty backstory, as you’ve probably heard more than enough of those. It is there, though. You can be sure of that. She is a superhero, after all. Sort of. She actually prefers the term “reluctant antihero”.
Melanie Brooks, on the other hand, would like to inform you that Sharon is a jerk and really needs to get off of Charlotte’s case. Melanie was subjected to genetic experimentation, which resulted in a pair of wings, along with some other minor advantages (like being able to eat a lot without getting fat) and, unfortunately, disadvantages (but she won’t bother you with the unpleasant details). After breaking out of the facility she was held in, Melanie attempted to return home to her parents- only to be cast out on the street as a freak. Now, she lives on her own, managing to pass herself and her… abnormalities… as an urban legend.
In an alternate New York City, where superhumans are a relatively common occurrence, four girls will (insert cliche here), (another cliche), etc. They meet with similar intentions- stop the beast that is terrorizing their city and the people who live there. But is everything really what it seems? From the otherworldly to the mundane, webs of moral dilemmas and grey areas entwine the teenage heroines, until nothing is really what it seems to be.

Read the first two chapters on Figment!

2 thoughts on “Show Me a Hero

  1. Wow, very intense. A lot of the characters have strong motivations and some pretty heavy baggage. It would be interesting to see how they balance their personal lives with their crazy superhero lives. Good luck with your novel!

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